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SatanoriumNo zombies in this point-and-click game, instead a scary adventure game.

In april 1994, Catherine goes on vacation with her father and little brother to visit her grandmother in the small town of Horam City. They travel happily until the car's engine mysteriously stops working in front of an old and abandoned Sanatorium called Murn Carni Hospital, just a few kilometers from Grandma's. The weather is starting to take a turn for the worst. Catherine gets bored in the car waiting for her father to fix the engine. She decides to take a look around.

Out of nowhere, Catherine hears a little girl whisper something in her ear: "Catherine, help us!" The voice is coming from the old Sanatorium across the road. Surprised but curious, Catherine searches the Sanatorium's windows for the source of the plea. Suddenly a pale girl with a sad face shows up in one of the windows. Catherine walks closer to the window and, shockingly, sees the girl slowly fade and disappear. Scared, Catherine runs back to the car and sees that it has been fixed, so they drive away.

The next night, at Grandma's, Catherine has a weird dream where she is standing in front of Murn Carni wgen the hospital was still active. She walks down the hallway of the hospital and sees the same little girls happily walking around with some other kids. The kids run into a room. Shirtly after, lots of screaming can be heard. Catherine runs towards the room, but stops in shock when she sees the little girl being killed by a mysterious man.

Catherine can't believe how loud and noisy the wind is, blowing on the window. When she opens it, she again sees the little girl outside of the house, standing still and calling her name again: "Catherine... Help us!" Unable to resist, Catherine gets out from the warm house to meet the little girl. When she gets close, the girl runs into the bushes. Catherine yells to stop her and starts running after her. After a few minutes, she comes out on the other side and is staring up at the Murn Carni hospital!

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